December 7th, 2018

The social media reputation monitoring is important for track the customers who are view your website. It will help you to get more customers for the business. Here are some tools which are used for monitoring the social media reputation,

  • Trackur
  • Naymz
  • Brandseye
  • Rankur
  • SocialMention



The Trackur is a social media monitoring tool which offers the instant notifications when your brand is used. Which means that you can respond promptly and appropriately, when you are not feed to your facebook news feed every day. You can take an online reputation management with the build in analytics capabilities. The Trackur offers you a free basic plans.



The Naymz is a tracking tool for your social influence, that are closely tied to your online reputation. This tool is helpful for your influence across different social networks, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and others. It has many more build in tools for monitoring your account in a single dashboard.



Brandseye has many features which makes the online reputation management simple. You can get the email notifications, when the user mention your brand name in the online. And also used to track the conversions and compare the metrics with the internal data.



You can discover the trending topics and track your social media presence and manage your online reputation very efficiently with the rankur. With the advanced reporting capabilities, you can simplify your search results by can get a basic plans in the rankur.



A SocialMntion is a free tool and a search engine, which scours the social sphere for remainders of your brand, a competitor, or any key phrase you type in. you can simplify your search to blogs, microblogs, videos and  images by using the SocialMention tool.