5 Essential Tasks In Social Media Management

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In recent years, the use of social medias has been developed as a fundamental business strategy, and that is why, more and more, companies are making an effort to use professional tools correctly in order to get the most out of the possibilities offered by communication in the social medias.
Here are five basic tasks that any social media management platform should allow you to properly manage your social medias:

1. Message programming:

As we already know, social medias are in continuous operation, each one has its timing and a different way of displaying messages on the media, people review and update them at any time of the day and that is why it is fundamental to benefit from a tool that allows program the publications that will appear that day, maintaining a continuity in your social channels, trying to increase the visibility of your brand in the hours that you consider most suitable for your audience. So, wherever you are, your social medias will keep going, and not only will you keep them updated, but you will also save valuable time that you can invest in other tasks of value for your business.

2. Geolocation:

It is common for your list of customers not all come from the same country of origin, or you are interested in different markets to open your business, which is why they probably do not have the same interests or the same needs. Also maybe, you have a local business and you want to find people close to you, that is why it is essential to use tools that filter searches by languages or geographic areas to reach a wider and better segmented target audience.

3. Keywords:

The use and tracking of keywords is paramount in all social media marketing strategies for several reasons. First, they let the client know about the current conversation trends. They also help us to continuously monitor the activities and relationships of people with our brand or our competitors. And finally we offer the possibility to segment the conversation to try to market our product with another complementary, in order to create offers and promotions.

Therefore, thanks to the keywords, we can develop a marketing strategy based on the preferences and behaviors of our potential customers.

4. Collaboration:

Another of the axes to execute well the strategy in social media, is the collaboration, at the moment in which we decided that we are going to develop an effective campaign in the social medias in which several teams or people from different departments of a company intervene, we must fix the form of internal communication. Beforehand, we must ensure that the tool we are using allows collaboration with your team, and thus carry out an integrated social media management strategy, in which to assign messages quickly and in an orderly manner, controlling the response states and the internal conversation for better management.

5. Reports:

Measuring is improving, knowing the impact generated in the medias is transcendental for your company to know if your strategy is fulfilling the desired objective. Knowing the reception and impact that your publications have caused in social Medias or the evolution of your community of followers, are very helpful metrics, but there are many more that allow you to set your own measurement objectives. For this, it is necessary to prepare a series of reports that will allow us to know if the initial expectations were met at the time the investment plan was made and, above all, that we quickly collect the data at all times to measure the results of the long-term actions or short-term actions.

To carry out all these tasks we recommend a scalable and accessible solution for all types of organizations such as Hootsuite Pro or Hootsuite Enterprise , which allows to execute all these activities and facilitates the monitoring and analysis of social medias.

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